Dear Faculty,

Your school has invited our group, emTech Consulting, to do a comprehensive review of your school in terms of the use of technology. The review will include the collection of information from teachers, students and parents. Surveys have been provided for use with all of these populations. We hope that you will be able to take a few minutes and complete these surveys to help us in this planning effort.

Information gathering will focus on what your students are currently doing with technology, what you might want them to do and what other comparable, world-class schools are doing in technology integration. We will be considering how students and teachers can use technology to further mastery of traditional instructional objectives in the content areas; in other words, how to use technology to do an even better job of what your school is currently doing.

In addition, the review will address what technologies should be included to prepare your students for a highly competitive world. The review will include exposure of your faculty to innovative ideas and approaches being used elsewhere that would be compatible with your mission here in your school.

The review will include not only the data from these surveys but also data collected in an on-site visit, scheduled for ________.   During that visit, ___  team members from emTech Consulting will conduct structured interviews with selected individuals and/or groups from the three targeted populations: teachers, students, parents.

All of us on your school's team have all been involved in international education for many decades, as administrators, consultants and teachers.  Our group has conducted numerous technology audits internationally, and the members have had previous experiences in most regions of the world. This will make our visit even more useful as well as pleasurable!

Thanks in advance for your help. By completing the surveys, you will have provided a stronger foundation upon which we will base our written report and plan for your school.


Barrie Jo Price, Ph.D., Partner