Managing a Computer Club

Windsor Elementary School --- Computer Club
Here is what the Club says about its activities.

Pordenone Elementary School Computer Club
The Pordenone Computer Club has been working very hard this year
towards our four projects. The PostCard group has been sending and
 receiving postcards...

Cedar Grove Computer Club
Cedar Grove's Computer Club meets every Thursday after school. It is open to all
6th graders who would like to expand their knowledge of computer technology.
This year's club is learning about designing web pages.

Moscow Computer Club
As Soviet society proceeded through its wrenching transition from
totalitarianism to informational freedom, MCCC provided a haven for an
emerging group of computing professionals who formed a core around which Russiaâs
burgeoning computer industry began its development.

Caroline County, Maryland Computer Club
We have been meeting with the children for many weeks now.
They have learned some typing skills and some word processing.
Our latest venture with them has been teaching them HTML
(Hypertext Markup Language) and letting them create their own
web pages.

Clark Pleasant Middle School
At Clark Pleasant, the school homepage is maintained by the computer club and a
different member is in charge of each month's edition.

Wells Elementary School
Parents participate in the computer club.

Forest Grove
The Forest Grove
 After-School Computer Club
    Pen pal Hotline Home Page

Union County
World-class Internet-based learning
 programs are being developed and tested by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Union
 County. They will be used widely in the Club and will be offered to other Boys &
 Girls Clubs and other educational institutions.
Wells High School
The WHS Computer Club is an organization which helps emphasize the
 importance of computer technology. Between the WHS Internet
 homepage and tech fairs,.
Parkside Computer Club
Members of the Parkside School
Computer Club work very hard.
Members must maintain an A-B
average in all subject areas. We
meet once a week with Mrs.
Faimon, Parkside's Computer
Teacher. Students are given a
schedule for assisting younger
children. Members compose and
type the school paper. Members
earn free computer time.

The Bellefontaine High School Computer Club
Our club (founded by Kyle Bruce, last
year's president) is for computer fanatics
or people who want to be computer
fanatics, and we love having new members
and working with the internet. We have
been active since November 8th, 1996
and we all hope to have the club outlive
our high school years. On this page, we
will post information about upcoming
events, sales, or anything that seems of
interest to the computer users of our area.

Just recently we built and raffled a
computer to the students of our school,
and made a fair profit while doing so. We
are considering doing such a project again
next year, but we haven't made any
definite plans.
Alton High School
EnergyNet is a multi-disciplinary project that serves
students in middle schools and high schools, most often as
part of science or technology courses. It provides
opportunities for students to learn while developing
solutions to real problems using teamwork, technology,
and telecommunications. EnergyNet research teams
evaluate their individual school's energy uses, share their
data with other Illinois students over the Internet, and
prepare energy conservation recommendations for their
schools. They use the Internet to communicate on-line with
engineers and energy experts, find easy access to energy
information resources, and build a statewide database on
school energy use. The project includes a leadership
institute for student and teacher teams, curriculum
materials, Internet activities, and support for students,
teachers, and administrators.

Piney Point Elementary School
Piney Point Elementary School Computer Club maintains the school homepage.
F. D. Roosevelt High School Computer Club

The Hauppauge Middle School Computer Club

After school computer clubs explore problem solving, internet use, writing, multi-media and graphics productions.
They take advantage of the social needs of children to:

 Some teachers have found that students are motivated to do better work, and to take more pride in their work, when papers and projects are posted on the Web for all the world to see. Such posting also gives parents a chance to see what the students are doing.