This is part of the emTech Presentation Series, designed to provide information about the topic with clear application actions the audience can use when they return to the classroom after the presentation. This presentation is an excellent way to introduce the INTERNET, to motivate teachers to use the INTERNET, and/or to generate interest in the use of the INTERNET within the educational community; it makes a nice prelude to the hands-on workshops.

Target Audience: Educators, USA & International Schools; presentations can be tailored for a broad group (K-12) or for specific grades and/or content (e.g. elementary teachers, librarians, secondary science), with little or no experience on the Internet. More advanced users will find suggestions for efficiency as well as new sites.

Purpose: To show teachers what is on the internet that they can use as an instructional resource for their classes, for their own professional development and as direct instructional activities with their students.

Expected Outcomes: Teachers leave with practical examples of something from the internet to use with their classes, whether they have direct internet access in their classrooms, one internet access location in the school or a friend with internet access!

General Overview: emTech consultants provide a high-energy, fast-paced presentation, using POWER POINT presentation media, including actual screens captured from the internet. The presentation moves along a continuum from "Things to do if all you know someone who has an email account!", email projects for classroom and keypal projects, through to search and retrieval of documents and sites. The latter part of the continuum includes how to find lesson plans and "free stuff", how to go on electronic field trips, and "Things for students to do directly on the internet".

Approximate Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Physical Requirements: Room appropriate for presentation, with overhead projector and screen. Presenters provide LCD panel & notebook computer for presentation media, including sound and video.

Presentation References : A list of individuals and/or organizations familiar with this and other emTech presentations.

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