ICQ Chat 

What is ICQ?

    ICQ is a software program that allows you to send messages and/or chat with your friends online in real time.  You create a Contact List of the people you want to contact.  You will be alerted when they are online and can send messages, files, URL's, etc.

Downloading and Installing the ICQ Software

  1. Go to http://www.icq.com and click on .
  2. Under For New Users - Downloading the Full Program, Click on C|NET's Download.COM.
  3. On the next screen, click on .
  4. You will now see:



  6. Select one of the sites that has three green dots (...).
  7. Save your ICQ file to your C;\temp directory.

  9. After downloading, select  then  and browse to C;\temp and select the ICQ file you downloaded and the click on Open. You will now see:




  11. Now click on OK and ICQ will be installed on your computer.

  12. Using ICQ

    ICQ is launched automatically each time you turn on your computer.
    You you should see an orange flower () in the system tray if you are NOT ONLINE.
    If you are ONLINE, you will see a green flower () if you ARE ONLINE.
    You can double-click on the flower to open the ICQ Window.
    Click on the Status Button, located at the bottom right of your ICQ window and you can click on Available/Connect or Offline/Disconnect.

    How to Register as a NEW ICQ User