Maps and Charts

There are many map resources on the WorldWideWeb. For a geopolitical view of the world, use CIA's World Factbook. If you want some amusement and a challenge, use The Internet Geographer.  And "Cartographic Curiosities" are found in the Yale Map Collection---odd, curious, and fanciful maps. At Display of the globe  you may click directly on the maps by continent, country, state, province, ocean and polar region.   At - click on a site, get a map, area news and statistical and demographic information. provides a collection of geography encyclopedia articles alphabetically arranged. National Geographic has political divisions, biodiversity, history, store, discussion forums, photographic explorations and current issues of the magazine. gives satellite views. For driving directions, use one of the following: MapQuest - provides maps and driving and trip planners, along with city guides and local traffic reports. There are fewer maps of different kinds from U.S. Governmnet sources due to the concerns about terrorism.

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