This is part of the emTech Presentation Series, designed to provide information about the topic with clear application actions the audience might try when they return to the classroom after the presentation. This presentation is an excellent way to begin the year, kick-off a year of self-study, set the tone for curriculum revision, and/or initiate a refocusing of the educational community as part of school reform and redesign. This also helps build support for the technology plan and gives a basic rationale for the need for technology and the change it produces in education.

Taraget Audience: Educators, parents, board members, school-community groups, secondary-level students, USA & International Schools; presentations can be tailored for a specific group (e.g. school board, school-community leaders or planning council, faculty, parents and/or administrators).

Purpose: To present data concerning the expectations for the global workforce of the 21st Century, including implications for the educational system. Specially addressed are the skills that today's youth should have as they exit today's educational system into tomorrow's workplace, and the kinds of instructional experiences that allow students to acquire these skills.

Expected Outcomes: In everyday terms and examples, the audience is presented with concrete educational implications of the changing workplace. Educators and parents leave with a general understanding and broad conceptualization of the kinds of skills and learning experiences that today's youth should acquire in school.

General Overview: It is widely accepted that the economy is changing and that educational institutions and systems must change accordingly. However, in this presentation, emTech consultants present specific reasons why this is true and list technical and conceptual skills that should be included in schools in order to meet this challenge. The presentation is built on economic and demographic data but uses practical events and situations as the medium for explanation. Included, for example, is a listing of the skills typically expected for today's student entering a college or university. The message of the presentation is to educators and parents, speaking directly to the concern of both groups, that today's youth be able to compete and succeed in tomorrow's economy.

Approximate Duration: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Physical Requirements: Room appropriate for presentation, with overhead projector and screen. Presenters provide LCD panel & notebook computer for presentation media, including sound and video.

Presentation References: Individuals and/or organizations familiar with this presentation are:

NAESP National Association of Elementary School Principal's
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