This is part of the emTech Presentation Series, all designed to provide information and clear application actions the audience might try when they return to their schools after the presentation. This presentation is an excellent way to assist principals to quickly grasp ways to use the internet for their own purposes and to provide them with practical and easy examples to share with classroom teachers; the focus is on helping them provide leadership in assimilating the internet into their schools.

Target Audience: Building principals; presentations can be tailored for a specific group or level (e.g. secondary, middle school, elementary)

Purpose: To provide to principals examples of how they might use the internet for their own purposes as well as giving them suggestions and strategies for assisting their faculties in the integration of the internet into the operation and curriculum of schools..

Expected Outcomes: Principals leave with concrete examples of how they can begin to use the internet as well as strategies for assisting their faculties to use the internet.

General Overview: Actual examples of internet use are presented, organized as professional development and teacher assistance. Professional development includes showing principals how to find professional journals, conferences, research, courses, and other types of professional growth resources. The second category, teacher support, includes "things teachers can do with the net", such a finding lesson plans, free materials, communicating with other teachers, and locating resource materials for lessons. Also included are examples of things that teachers can have students do to draw their classroom and the use of the technology more closely together. Examples oft his last category include electronic field trips, on-line projects such as MayaQuest, Kids Space, Slash, Kids Pub, and on-line frog dissection. The presentation uses actual internet screens presented with POWER POINT.

Approximate Duration: 1.5 hours - 3 hours

Physical Requirements: Room appropriate for presentation, with overhead projector and screen. Presenters provide LCD panel & notebook computer for presentation media, including sound and video.

Presentation References: Individuals and/or organizations familiar with this presentation are:

National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP)
Weber School District, Weber, Utah
Lynn Greenwood, Curriculum Director
Phone: 801-476-7875 or Fax: 801-476-8139
Rhode Island Chapter, NAESP
Jim Brown, Executive Director
U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Schools
Dr. Keith Miller at
Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS)
Reina O'Hale, Executive Director 100553.163@Compuserve.Com
Near-East Schools Association (NESA), Athens, Greece
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