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Statistical Datasets
  • Common Correlation and Reliability Analysis with SPSS for Windows - by Robert A. Yaffee, Statistics and Social Science Group, Academic Computing Facility, New York University
  • Internet guide to SPSS for windows - Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer
  • Introduction to SPSS/Windows version 9
  • Multivariate Statistics: Concepts Models and Applications
  • New features in SPSS 6.1 for UNIX
  • Raynald's SPSS Site (courtesy of Raynald Levesque)
  • Resources to help you learn and use SPSS from the ATS Statistical Consulting Group at UCLA
  • Running SPSS under UNIX
  • SPSS
  • SPSS Course Contents for Psy 384 & 580
  • SPSS for Windows ver. 10 Editor
  • SPSS Tips
  • SPSS Tutorial - Harvard-MIT Data Center
  • SPSS Tutorial - Social Sciences Research and Instructional Council
  • SPSS-L Discussion archives - North Carolina State University
  • SYSTAT 7.0 Product Information
  • SYSTAT applications
  • The SPSS web site
  • Using SPSS 8.0 to Analyze Statistical Data - Waterloo
  • UT Austin ITS Statistical Services

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