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 Using Technology to Communicate with Parents

and School Communities

Classroom and Teacher Pages and Internet/FM Low-Band Radio (A Power Point)        Homework On the Net

BACKGROUND on this topic
There is a growing choice of technologies that teachers use to communicate with parents and school communities. The most obvious is the classroom or teacher homepage, but there are other technologies, including Internet-based radio and low-band FM radio.


Classroom and Teacher Homepages

Most schools and even individual teachers now have homepages, unlike in the early days when it was a rarity. The range of homepages for teachers is as vast as the range of the individual teachers themselves.  While some schools have a set template for individual teacher's homepages and homepages for classrooms, many schools do not; even those that do have standards still provide for teachers' desire to have a unique page. Obviously, while the pages may be different, there are some commonalities for classroom and teacher homepages, which will be addressed in this topic.

Internet-Radio and Low-Band FM Radio

This topic includes a Power Point presentation about how schools, classrooms and teachers are using homepages to communiate.

Homework Sites on the Net

There is a three-part series of articles on homework policies and posting homework on the net, originally produced for The Principal's Electronic Desk, http://nprc.educationworld.com, for the National Association of Elementary School Principals.  You are encouraged to go to this weekly ezine from the NAESP for quick and easy updates on current issues related to schools, not just elementary schools. We have reproduced the three articles here for your reference.  You will need to be online when you read it in order to go to the active links shown within each article.

Thinking about Homework when Designing Policies for Next Year: